Express Services

We take care of your shipments personally! We'll even take care of shipments that need to go out on Saturday or Sunday. We provide the fastest, most reliable delivery service available. We can even ship overnight to India!

Here are the benefits of our Swift Express Service:
  • We work around your schedule and arrange pick-up service when you need it.
  • We handle air freight of any type (merchandise, goods or cargo), anything you need to ship!
  • We ship anywhere - international or domestic destinations.
  • When you're ready, we're ready. We handle same day, overnight, 2-day's  and deferred.
  • Our service is personalized. We even call you to tell you when it has been delivered!
  • We take care of the paperwork, including commercial invoices, export declaration, and E waybill.
  • We provide protection for your goods with custom panding or crating.

       Give us a call today at   92480-29700  to  discuss.

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